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About the Social Project

Terere Kids Project is more than just a social project, it’s a loving family and a solid foundation that has changed lives. Not just the lives of kids that live and train in the Cantagalo Favela, but also for the students that come to Rio to train and spend time in the community.

In 2000, as a blue belt, Terere became known throughout the jiu-jitsu community for his explosive passing game. Members from the favela would fill the stands at local competitions to cheer on their local idol. With his success came money and Terere used that money to reinvest in his community. At the time the Cantagalo favela was still unpacified and there was still a lot of violent clashes between drug dealers and cops. With the money that Terere won from competitions, he began to build up the first social project in Cantagalo/pavao/pavaozinho.

Throughout the years the project has changed locations, changed leadership, and suffered from other challenges inherent in running a business in a marginalized community. Despite the numerous obstacles that he faced, Terere and his social work have been one of the most influential catalysts for positives change in the community.

In 2013, the project began to grow and gain more international attention from students that come to train with Terere in his academy at the base of the Cantagalo favela.

What the kids lack in material resources they make up for with raw emotion and dedication to training. Their passion is undeniable to anyone that steps through the doors which in turn inspires visiting athletes to contribute to the cause by donating money, clothes, and kimonos and bringing in snacks, toys, and school supplies for the kid’s English program.

It was through these interactions with visiting athletes that it became apparent that the project needed more English language information to let people know about the positive influence that social projects like Terere Kids Project have in the lives of kids from the community.

The project was formed in 2013 as a small blog to disseminate the story of the project and Paypal to accept donations from people.

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