2018 World Champion

Jhonathan Marques more commonly known as Moicano by his friends or Jhonathan Pessanha on the Flograppling archives made his way back to the U.S. this May from the 2018 Worlds.
Moicano won first place in his weight division after 4 tough fights and then went on to take 3rd in absolute after 3 fights. He faced off against Jansen Gomes, another Cantagalo native, in the finals. It was the 3rd time that the two have competed in international competitions, Jansen was victorious this time securing first place in absolute and third place in his own division.
Moicano will spend some time training in Costa Mesa with the Mendes brothers before returning to Terere Kid Project in Rio de Janeiro.
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Rio Winter Open

This week 7 athletes from the FT academy competed in the IBJJF Rio Winter Open that took place in the historic Tijuca Tennis Club.
Pretinha Santos won gold once again! Pretinha has been training at Terere Kids Project for less than a year but her enthusiasm for Jiu Jitsu has earned her a place at the top of the podium time and time again. She is a hard working student who also studies and works in addition to training. We are very proud to see her out there representing FT and setting an example for other girls in the community!

Congratulations to Alister Shirazi for winning gold in the White Belt division. Alister is a student from San Diego that has been living and training in Rio for 2 years now. He started helping out at the project by bringing snacks to for the kids class and was eventually adopted into the FT family!

Faby De Paula took 2nd place after a tough fight in the purple belt final against a girl from GFteam. Faby is a native of Bahia who recently relocated to Rio De Janeiro. In addition to representing FT on the mats Faby will be taking over some of the administrative responsibilities at the Project.

Karo Sarmento took 3rd place at the competition after a grueling weight cut.
Congratulations to who Gabriel Areas and Walter Lopes also competed but didn’t make it to the podium!
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Summer Updates

IBJJF Rio Winter Open


While everyone else is getting geared up and ready for Summer time, we have been preparing for IBJJF Rio Winter Open that starts June 13th. TKP will be sponsoring Fabricio Da Silva, Faby de Paula, Gabriel Areas, and Walter Lopes to compete in the competition. Two of our resident “gringos”, Karo Sarmento from Colombia and Alister Shoa from California will also be competing at the competition!

On July 30th we will be sponsoring 16 athletes from the kids class to compete in the SJJSAF Brasil Open. SJJSAF provides a discount to social projects which allows us to give all of the kids that are attending school and training consistently a chance to compete!

We are currently collecting donations to finish out the registration!

English Tutoring 

Last month we made some progress with our English program. Tracking kids down and finding the time to get them to dedicate some extra hours to studying has been anything but easy but thanks to the help of Fightland Vice and a steady stream of volunteers we are able to match students up with a tutor that can work with their schedule.

Restructuring in the Projects

Program director Nico Ball will be heading back to the U.S. for the next 5 months to train, fight, and visit her family. Nico has been responsible for managing all of the donations that are sent via PayPal.
Stay tuned for more information on changes in Paypal account information and other updates that will be coming in the next couple of months.

Terere Kids Project Patches

In an effort to create more stability and help teach the kids in the project the fundamentals of fundraising, we have started selling TKP patches. Patches are being sold in the academy, at Connection Rio Hostel, and by our students that are looking to save up money for supplements or competition fees.
Patches are also being shipped in limited numbers to the U.S.
You can email TerereKidsProject@gmail.com to find out how you can get yours!
Proceeds from the sale of patches goes 
to funding the snack program and paying for 
competition fees. 
Lastly, you can check out the June income statement by clicking here

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Tournaments, Tours, and New Teachers

European Charity Tour

The European Charity tour is almost at an end with only one more seminar before Thomas Oyarzun travels to Brazil to deliver the money to Mestre Terere.
Recently Oyzarun made his way to Bern, the capital of Switzerland where he organized a seminar with Giuliano Haldimann the head instructor of the Gracie Jiu JItsu team of Bern. There were just about 15 participates at the seminar who raised US $605 for the kids here in the Cantagalo Favela!

After Bern, Mastwo made a quick stop in Annecy France were he was able to gather US $446 in donations bringing the grand total of the tour to US $5,326!
Mastwo will be traveling to Rio at the end of July so there is still time to book more seminars if your interested!

We would like to say a special thanks to Oyarzun for taking the time out of his schedule to make such a big commitment to helping us out here at the project and to everyone that came out to the seminars!
SJJSAF Brasil Open

On May 14th we were able to put 16 sponsored athletes into the SJJSAF Brasil open tournament. Unlike most tournaments were we select several athletes to participate for either the adults or the children’s class due to financial restrictions, we were able to sponsors EVERY SINGLE KID that was consistently training.

At 7A.M. in the morning, 10 kids meet up with Professor Fabricio and Mestre Terere to take the hour-long bus ride out to the tournament.

All of the kids that competed returned home with medals!
After competing Terere treated them to lunch and then they stuck around to watch some of the adult matches. After endless hours of cheering on their teammates, the kids piled back onto the bus with their medals around their necks and fell asleep for the ride home.

The next week in class many of them received strips for their hard work and dedication to training.
We want to thank everyone that sent donations to fund the tournament!
We would also like to thank CJ Murdock and Fernando Reals who purchased TKP patches to sell in South Carolina and New York.
Sales from the patches went to funding this tournament and our snack program for the month of May!

New Management
The Terere Kids Project Blog was started in 2013 by NicoBall, an American living and training alongside Fernando Terere in the Cantagalo favela. For the past 3 years Nico has been collaborating with sponsors and managing the finances and other operational aspects of Terere Kid Project. This July, however, Nico will be returning to the U.S. for 6 months.

In order to continue the work that we have started here at Terere Kids Project, we have decided to formally register the organization as an official NGO. Currently, TKP is registered as Academia Fernando Terere, which is considered a mico-business.  Being registered as a small business prohibits us from taking advantage of a lot of government resources offered to non-profits. It’s for that reason that we depend entirely on donations for people like you!
Being registered as a formal NGO will have several benefits including:

  1. Access to funds for snack programs and other educational services like tutors.
  2. Paid jobs for our employees that are currently working as volunteers.
  3. Terere Kids Project bank account with tax codes for providing receipts to donors which will help us secure more big company sponsors.
  4. Discounts on tournaments.
English Program

We have recently had several people reach out to the project with an interest in helping out with our English program. This week Adrienne Long arrived from the United States. Adrienne will be spending 6 months living in the Cantagalo Favela and managing the English program here at Terere Kids Project. We are excited about having our first international volunteer come to dedicate time not just to training Jiu Jitsu, but to helping make a difference here in the community.

In response to the recent Fightland Vice article that came out, we have also received other messages from volunteers that will be working alongside Adrienne Long.  We are always looking for volunteers to help teach or tutor kids in English so if your interested in helping out at the project email TerereKidsProject@gmail.com.

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European Charity Tour Returns to France

The latest seminars in the European Charity tour were held May 14th and 15th in Saint-Etinne and La Grand-Croix, France. The events were organized by BJJ and Judo black betl Yvan Petiot. 
There were little attendance with just about 13 participants for the whole weekend but Yvan managed to gather US$ 1,118 of donations which is the biggest donation we have had since the beginning of the tour. 
A big thanks goes out to Yvan and his team for the generous contribution and for making the weekend a great experience worth remembering. 

Our next Stop is back again in Switzerland but this time in Bern, the country’s capital on Thursday, May 19th at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. 
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FT Take Over Continues

European Charity Tour!
The latest seminar in the Jiu Jitsu to the rescue charity tour took place this past Monday at NEW LEGACY in Aarau, Switzerland.
There were approximately 23 participants coming from different academies in the region to join and support the cause, including Brazilian black belt Icaro Marques who was visiting from Australia with  one of his student! 
New Legacy is owned by Marius Maximus, a brown belt with a huge heart and an amazing group of students at his academy! Together with Thomas “Mastwo” Oyarzun, they were able to gather US $822 in donations to support the kids here in the Cangatalo favela.  Our current total is now 3,159 dollars!
We still have 5 more seminars up and coming. The next one will be organized by Yvan Petiot for the whole weekend in France in St ‘Etienne on Saturday and La Grand-Croix on Sunday
SJJSAF Brasil Open
Photo by Josue Wong Baez
We just finished registrations for another big tournament that will take place on May 14th! Its amazing to see how the international BJJ community supports and encourages fellow practitioners!. Donations were received from Australia, US, England, and Poland which will allow us to send 26 athletes to compete in the SJJSAF Brasil open next Saturday. 
Thanks to donations sent by you we were able to sponsor EVERY SINGLE kid that has been training consistently, making this one of the biggest events that we have participated in all year! 

Terere Kids Project is a non profit that runs entirely off of private donations. Money sent to the project helps fund tournaments, pay for our snack program, and helps keep the academy clean for our little ones! Without the love and support of the BJJ community we would not be able to help support so many kids here in the Cantagalo favela so we want to take the time to send a special thanks to everyone that has helped contribute to the FT takeover!

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Brazilian Nationals and Brasil Open

One down one to go. We are curently looking to raise US 113 by the end of the day today!!
Send donations via Paypal
Our good friend Bigode, Professor Fabricio, Fabyolla,
and Pretinha at Brazilian Nationals 
Brazilian Nationals took place April 27th– May 1stin Sao Paulo. Initially we set out to sponsor 9 athletes to travel to Sao Paulo to compete, but this year the tournament reached capacity before we were able to get the donations to register everyone. 
In the end Professor Fabricio, Jhonathan “Moicano” Marques, and Izabella “Pretinha” Santos were able to make the deadline! Moicano brought home gold for the second year in the row after 3 tough fights and Pretinha came in 3rd place. She has been doing exceptionally well in all her competitions despite the fact that she has only been training for 6 months. 
Alister Shirazi a good friend and volunteer at the project was also able to make it down to Sao Paulo with us. He won his first fight and fell short by an advantage in his second. 
Photo by Josue Wong Baez
A special thanks to Fabyolla Pinheira who also accompanied the team down to for moral support even though she was unable to complete her registration on time! Faby is a purple belt that recently joined the FT from Bahia! We are excited to have here with us to help support girls BJJ in the Cantagalo community!
We have one more competition coming up next weekend.
SJJSAF Brasil Open

May 14th 2016 
Will take place on May 14th in the Grajau Country club. SJJSAF is an international federation that has been trying to help make Jiu Jitsu more accessible to by offering special discounts for social projects and special fights for athletes from the handicapped division. 
Photo by Josue Wong Baez
This month we will be sponsoring 16 athletes from the kids class. Everyone has been working so hard we decided to make the effort to sponsor ALL the kids that have been showing up consistently.
The total cost of the tournament will be US $240 total.
We currently have US $96 that we had left over from Brazilian Nationals and from some patches that were bought up by Fernando Reals from Bronx BJJ
Terere Kids Project is funded entirely on donations sent from the international Jiu Jitsu community. Without your love and support we wouldn’t be able to help so many kids here in the Cantagalo community.
We just need US $113 to complete the registrations.
Donations can be made via PayPal at TerereKidsProject@gmail.com
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From Switzerland to Sao Paulo

European Charity Tour

The lastest seminar in the Jiu Jitsu to the Rescue Charity tour took place this past weekend in Winterthur, Switerzland.
It was a nice little group with hosted by Alberto Ferrer, a friend of Terere’s, who had invited Terere to visit the academy a year ago. Ferrer is a great person and was more than happy to lend a hand to help out the project. Despite the small amount of participants (just about 10 people) donations totaled US $415 proving that a small group of people can really make a big impact
It was also nice to see the presence of Severin Zemp, a purple belt who spent some time in Brazil training at the academy. Before leaving Zemp donated 3 kimonos to the project so you can often see kids running around in his BJJ Lab patches!. 
He made sure to show his support by showing up tot he seminar wearing his FT patches that he got while training here in Brazil! 
Our next stop will be at New Legacy Martial Arts Gym in Aarau, Switzerland on 5th of May followed by a weekend in France at St-Etienne and La Grand-Croix on 7th and 8th of May. 

IBJJF Brazilian Nationals

It was originally planned for 10 athletes from the FT academy to travel to Sao Paulo to compete in the IBJJF Brazilian Nationals on April 27th- May 1st. Nationals is one of the biggest tournaments held in Brazil and for our kids, its one of the only internationally ranked competitions that has a kids division. 

Unfortunately the competition reached capacity leaving the majority of the team without a slot! Professor Fabricio Silva, Jhonathan Marques, Pretinha Santos, Nico Ball, and Alister Shirazi will all travel to Sao Paulo to compete. Sponsored athlete Gabriel Bacellar and professor Julio Nogueira will also take the trip later in the week to help cheer on their teammates. 

Thanks to donations sent from the U.S. we were able to sponsor the transportation, food, lodging, and registration for the the kids and professors. 

We appreciate all of the love and support sent to the Terere Kids Project! 

Our next mission for the little ones will be SJJSAF Brazil Open that will take place on May 14th. Since we were not able to put all of the athletes into Brazilian Nationals we will be registering the ENTIRE kids class (as long as they are training that is!)

The estimated expense will be r700/ US $193/ E171. 
You can help us reach our goal by donating via PayPal 

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